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100% rate


The most amazing app ever


100% rate






Very good app


It works with me gooood.

Really good

Great app for chatting worldwide






100% rate

Good app

Great app, get it now!!!

All lies about this site WORSE EVER

90% of the people on here are fake scammers and if you complain they say nothing. I SWEAR THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS BS APP PAYS PEOPLE TO LEAVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK

Waist of time

This app is a complete waste of time 95% of the people on here are all fake profiles asking for iTunes card or selling nude pictures there are no actual real people on here or should I say very few I have only met one so far don’t waste your time until they improve this app and get rid of all the fake profiles also they tell you you can send free gifts for 24 hours but then try to charge you when you go to send one. Get rid of all the fake profiles put some real people on there and this app will get five stars from me


This App Is Fake People Are Judgmental Really Bad


This app is full of FAKE ACCOUNTS, it’s extremely annoying. My whole inbox is contaminated with messages from these accounts.

Don’t download this app!

This app is disgusting!! It’s supposed to be a dating app for people 18 years and older! Not 13 years and up! This app is for the sick people chasing kids 🤮😡 this app should be investigated and should be taken down immediately!!

It is up to you

Just been on and off this app eventually come to the conclusion that it is a scam app like a lot of apps and web sites like these. Only to prey on I guess people who don’t know any better like me to stay away from them. Cause nothing will materialize out of them. They are nothing but scams. They will lead you to adult websites so they can get paid for working for them or are people who try to make money other ways. Like one reviewer said ask for you to give them “apple credits” so they can be able to use their phone on another social/communications app. So I would suggest to just down load one of those chat room apps. Cause these types of apps as far as I am concern are only dead ends and money pits.

Keeps crashing !!

The app keeps crashing when I open it... needs to be fixed ASAP !!

Doesn’t work- full of Russian cyber attackers

This app is basically a front for Russia’s cyber war against the West. Almost every female is a Nigerian or Ghana scammer working in conjunction with the Russian agency that runs this app. If you want to actually enjoy this app, here is how: Play the game by stringing along a scammer for as long as you can. Tell her (usually a him) you love her and eventually you will get an address to send western union money to. Collect the info and send it to Apple until they remove this app from their store.


App crashes all the time. Actually talk to one real person in the past six months

Lots of fake people!!!

I subscribed to the month premium but didn't get the features associated to my subscription .. sent many emails regarding it but never get a reply except an automated reply that said the message is received. Many girls claim to be from the US, when you message them they say they are on African country to take care of grandma!!! Last one I contacted claimed to be from Dallas when I asked her :Texas? she replied: is Dallas in Texas? !!!!!

Long time user

I’ve never really reviewed the app but lately it keeps closing or kicking me out of the app sometimes asking to sign in again, I can stop using the app if I am in danger of being hacked but I do enjoy the app besides all of the fake women and all the underaged children that join.

Needs a serious update

Well wanted to say I do like this app but there r too many young girls that get on here like 15 r 16 yr old girls get on here and they want to post nude pics of them and they ask for cards to give out pic needs to b fixed to where it is only 18 plus to get on this app

iPhone X

The screens are pretty bad since they updated for the X. Customer service never replies.

Good app

Easy to use, Needs An update! But good


It's a decent app if it wasn't for the constant crashing.


I like how you're able to message real girls without paying for a membership. It allows you to do so much more later on in the app if you decide to use money

Worst app ever

Most profiles are fake & scam artists I had this 1 girl harassing me for a iTunes card. You'll be lucky if you get a real person.


100% rate

Fake People

Too many fake people using photos from other 🖕


This app crashes my cell ALL THE TIME! Black screen with spinning wheel for HOURS!!!



One the true free and great results dating apps.

Must for budget dates.

Has potential

-very slow to fix problems on app -too many scammers -location accuracy is way off -Lot of profiles are click bait and directs you to the Apple store which makes me think that the profiles are fake and made up maybe by Meet24 to pay the bills. -should have a better way to verify identity as the majority of females are fake. -App feels old, should gave a faster way of deleting old chats Has a strong user base and could have more users if the app where to be polished up.


The most amazing app ever

Not worth it

First off the location service is crap! I kept getting a bunch of foreign guys in different countries like Egypt. Plus all the guys on there are rude and inappropriate and some pedophiles! The girls are fake it's a waste of time and space.

Ripped off

I paid for premium membership and don't receive any of the benefits. Lots of fake profiles. They won't answer my emails about returning my money. It's all a scam and will be reported.


Two years same fake girls


Ads in this app are everywhere - above the newsfeed, in the newsfeed, above messages, popping up every 5 minutes, sent to you from the multitude of bots who swear your credit card info is just to verify your age and they had to provide it too.

Not even sure what to say...

99% are from Ghana or Nigeria - they market to them, almost promoting catfish! They do NOTHING to verify members and 99% are with out question fake! Their lack of support and options are ridiculous - it could be good but no steps are taken unless it's to add ridiculous amounts of advertising.

I love it

This is a good app it's accurate with location and all


Takes me strait to the App Store for me to download something it use to be great now it's total crap

Worse App Ever

Keeps on going to the App Store after opening the App.

Overrun with scammers

This app forces you against your will into the Apple store sometimes only seconds after you open it! About 90% of the profiles are fake or they are guys pretending to be girls!! The moderators do absolutely nothing except ban the legitimate people which is also a joke because you can just go and create another profile even with a fake email address! This site should be removed from the Apple Store for major violations of the Apple policy!

No good

This app is disgusting. Most of the men I got messages from were sending me photos of their dicks. There is no way to set up a age gap or distant limit. I am getting messages from men who don't even live in the same country I live in. There really should be an age restriction. I was getting messages from boys under 18 years old. I would not recommend this site to anyone.

Does not work with ios10!!

Lots of fake aCcounts. Lots of features do not work with ios10. Useless until fixed

Fairly decent

It's an alright app, you have to make in app purchases to get all the good stuff, people hardly message, it's alright.




Harika tafsiye ederim

Y'all listen

I have had this app since It was maybe 2012 idk but any who I had this app for a dam long time! Yes there fakes but then there's real ladys but meet 24 how long will y'all have to work on this app cause u have updated but not the crash. So y'all need to finger it out or just rename the app to crash24 were we update every thing but not the hole were it crashes.

32 scammers one real person

All the programs by these people are full of scammers. I got 33 messages and only one was real. I also notice the moderators speak improper English making me think they are from the same country as the scammers

Not good

It's terrible


Just because people report you because they are mad at get banned with no proof!!!!

Full of pedophiles

App needs to be shut down its full of fakes and pedophiles both men and women even the kids ask for sick shît no joke I've even emailed them telling them but I was ignored prolly cuz the creators are pedophiles as well don't waste your time on this app


Too many scammers from Ghana. Doesn't capitalize sentences like all other apps. No autocorrect. Pain to use.


Please remove from download list. I don't even remember downloading this! Thanks



The New Update!!

That moment when you're typing something and " Someone has viewed your profile " pops up😑😑

Not bad app

I feel it's ok

Terrible App

If I could give this app 0 stars, I would. This app is full of fake profiles from Middle Eastern and African countries. They ban or delete your account for "violating terms and conditions" even if you did nothing wrong.

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